Santee Cooper FBO

Precision Air is located in Manning South Carolina, central to Charleston and Columbia, with a 3,600 foot runway.

Our FBO facilities include a pilot's lounge with weather and AWOS capabilities. The repair station is 9,600 square foot with a full sheet metal shop. The helicopter hanger is 3,600 square feet with the same capabilities.

One of South Carolinas oldest FAA repair stations and a Class lll unlimited repair station, with over 100 years combined experience our capabilities extend from fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft maintenance and repairs to alterations and major modifications.

During our extensive history of aircraft maintenance and repairs actions for the insurance industry, we have seen many unusual and sometimes unbelievably damaged aircraft. Each time we were called upon to restore these aircraft, we have successfully completed the task and often delivered the aircraft in better condition than it was before the accident or before Mother Nature's wrath. Precision Air has the facilities, knowledge, certified resources and management to repair and maintain fixed and rotary winged aircraft.

Not only do we have onsite maintenance but we have an Aircraft Mobile Response Team that can bring the same knowledge and skill to your location. All of our employees hold an FAA Airframe and Power plant licenses with most having a current FAA Inspection Authorization.

Precision Air, Inc. is a full service depot level repair facility for fixed and rotary wing aircraft that has extensive experience returning aircraft to FMC status. The manager and mechanics, which have significant aircraft structural repair and maintenance experience, travel throughout the nation assessing damage, transporting aircraft to the repair facility, and making repairs to return the aircraft to a flightworthy status. The maintenance facility has a fully equipped machine shop that is capable of fabricating unique parts that are no longer commercially available. Engineering services capabilities include aircraft maintenance and repair; aircraft structural modifications; rebuilding of airframe structural components; installation of equipment, aircraft components and accessories; and structural testing of materials.

Shell Fuel Services

  • Jet A w/Prist®, and 100LL
  • 24-7 Self-service fueling for Jet A w/Prist®, and 100LL
Last Updated: November 18, 2016
Fuel Type: 100LL JETA+
Fuel Service: $3.98 $3.00